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The digital revolution and the global pandemic are transforming workplaces and ways of working. We’re helping leading banks all over the world adapt and innovate, while taking care of their people, their places and the planet. This means reducing risk, designing smarter, more sustainable places, and helping attract and retain the best people in financial services.


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Your partner in serving people, places and planet

Banks play a crucial role in society. That’s why our partnerships go beyond great workplace experiences to encompass corporate social responsibility, sustainability and the well-being of your people and the communities you serve. With our wide geographical reach, we cover corporate offices and high-street branches to add value, reduce costs, and create exceptional service moments that your customers and employees will remember.

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Dedicated to compliance, consistency and quality

With a single point of contact and self-delivery efficiencies, we’ll focus on synergies and ensure total transparency throughout the contract – reducing risk, driving greater consistency and boosting quality.

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Building better workplaces

Our people are dedicated to making your workplace both remarkable and remarkably welcoming – impressing customers, engaging employees and attracting top talent.

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Supporting success through innovation

Our competence in business intelligence and smart buildings will help you embrace new technologies and stay competitive in today’s always-on digital economy.

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Putting our energy into reducing consumption

More and more of our customers – including banking customers like Nordea – are asking how we can help them reduce their environmental footprint, reduce costs and make processes more efficient. It’s priority for us too.

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End-to-end services for the banks of the future 

Bringing together experts from every field, we create the right conditions for you to attract and retain top talent by making your place of work the place to be – and empowering people to be productive.

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Stories about people, places and planet



The benefits of outsourcing technical services

A multinational corporation wanted a well-trained and managed technical team that could provide an efficient and proactive maintenance solution for their US locations. By serving as the customer’s primary outsourcing partner, we were able to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

People - Tim Chow


Keeping the Rolls-Royce account running smoothly

What’s it like to be an ISS Key Account Manager for one of the world’s leading industrial technology company? To find out, we sat down with Tim Chow, Key Account Manager at ISS, who handles the Rolls-Royce account in Singapore.

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Creating a safer workplace with PURE SPACE

‘Is it safe?’ That’s the question countless employees around the world are asking themselves as they re-enter their workplaces. PURE SPACE, a new product from ISS, aims to help employees reconnect with their work environments, by ensuring a hygienic, safe place to work.


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