We (virtually) sat down with ISS China Country Manager Cindy Wang to discuss their process for welcoming customers and employees back to the workplace after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. Read on for insight into the ISS China team’s adventure back into the workplace alongside colleagues, suppliers, clients and clients’ employees.

Concerns from customers and end users about re-entering the workplace 

ISS China’s customers and end users have the same concerns as many of us have. They need to feel safe in the workplace among colleagues and visitors in the building. 

To feel safe, ISS customers in China wanted to feel certain that basic preventive measures were in place that would be keep the workplace safe and healthy. These measures included detection of germs and illnesses, the process of disinfection and sanitization and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Another concern Cindy mentioned was that their customers wanted to be sure that there was a way to track and respond to suspected and confirmed cases in a building or site.  

Customers’ approach to re-opening safely 

ISS China is seen as advisors to their customers because they offer suggestions on how to ensure that their buildings re-open safely. Most of their customers have done gradual re-opening and have only allowed a limited percentage of employees back in the workplace at a certain time. This was partly driven by government regulations. In addition, customers have stepped up their prevention measures with the support and guidance of their ISS teams. 

Customers from different industry segments adjusted how they would control the people flow and isolation of cases in their buildings. For example, one aviation customer built corridors from incoming flights to the exit that are disinfected each time passengers use them. Another example is in the hospitals, where certain wings were isolated to care for COVID-19 patients only. 

As customers and end users have come to terms with the new health, safety and wellness requirements, the ISS China team has slowly helped them bring back more end users into the facilities. They now have approximately 70% of end users back on site. 
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“ISS employee training has been critical to ensure our service delivery on both routine and COVID-19 customer needs.”

Cindy Wang, ISS China Country Manager

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