Leadership, integrity, and an unwavering work ethic, or the “get-it-done attitude,” are all qualities that shine through. Anytime we’ve had the opportunity to speak with active military, veterans, military families and spouses, guardsmen, and reservists—whether it be through the interview process, networking with industry professionals, or speaking with one of our ISS employees—we always notice some common themes.

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Facts and figures

Each year, approximately 200,000 members of the U.S. Armed Forces will separate from active duty and re-enter the civilian workforce.


Regardless of whether you’re currently transitioning, a reservist, or a former service member, ISS would love to be a part of you taking the next step in your career.

Jon Eldridge, Chief Operating Officer, Americas Region, United States Air Force Veteran

More than a Recruitment Goal

Helping veterans, reservists, and military family members find a meaningful career—that fits their needs—is a key part of the commercial strategy at ISS. As a global employer, we believe it’s important to provide these opportunities, but we also believe that veterans and those with a military affiliation bring tangible value to our customers and business model. We often find the following qualities in our veterans:

Leadership and teamwork

Military service forges strong leadership skills. Service members understand how to earn the respect of their peers and how to bring people together. They understand the importance of buy-in and strategically gain support to pursue common goals.

Problem-solving and decision-making

Service members are required to react quickly and precisely—trained to adapt to new information in dynamic, high-pressure situations. This ability is invaluable in our fast-paced work environment.

Honesty and attention to detail

Military service members are often trusted with high levels of security-clearance. All are trained to meet the highest standards of ethics, safety, and other organizational imperatives. We know that veterans don’t just meet this expectation in uniform, but in every part of their lives, and we hope to find this in all of our employees.

Global perspectives

Members of the military typically have years of on-the-ground experience working with diverse individuals from international teams. In a globalizing economy, any veteran we hire brings a distinguishable advantage to our team.

ISS Culture

The ISS business model closely aligns with many facets of the military operating model—in relation to the IFS industry—we also believe our culture and values closely aligns with the military and with the expectations of transitioning and former service members.

Veterans come from a culture built on the mantra "mission accomplished"

Few cultures have been engineered like the one of the United States military. Even fewer cultures exist that focus entirely on cooperation, personal development, and achieving the mission at any cost.


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It's a wonderful company, I wouldn't have stayed this long, more than 10 years now, if I didn't feel that this [place] was beneficial for veterans. And then what part can I play to help market or promote ISS? I'm your boots on the ground.

Danny Fernandez, Senior Facilities Manager, United States Army Veteran
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Programs That Bridge the Gap


Veterans working at ISS are committed to mentoring others and helping them succeed at our company. It is our commitment to foster relationships and mentorships that build community and grow opportunities for all veterans and military families who come through our doors.

Giving Back

Our team member Mickay Hall is a U.S. Army veteran and sits on the board of Vets for Industry. He also serves as an advisor for Syracuse University’s Office of Veteran and Military Affairs (OVMA) which supports the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF). ISS is proud to have a veteran like Mickay on our team and support his dedication to helping other military service members and their families succeed.

Military Spouses

ISS is determined to find innovative ways to support veterans and military families. Military spouses are often qualified for a range of careers but face a staggering unemployment rate of 24%. One way that ISS is helping military spouses is providing remote work opportunities. It can be difficult for spouses to consistently find work when moving often for military purposes. Although ISS can’t assist everyone, we hope that in the new normal remote work will be acceptable in many organizations. We believe this will help break down barriers for military spouses who wish to have a successful career.

Guard and Reservists

Continued service is something ISS supports and encourages our employees to do. We strive provide our veterans with the flexibility they need to accomplish those goals.


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